Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Research of Evil? I think not.

Sometimes, knowing too much is a curse. There is no area that should never be explored, but one should be very careful as to not tamper with life and death. Eugenics is one of the extreme, on-the-borderline areas that most would object to venturing into. However, what most do not know is that eugenics is responsible for the discovery of most of the knowledge about humans that we know about today. I'm not saying that eugenics is good. Though, to think about it, the "badness" of an area of expertise (AOE) is only defined by the type of people working in it. The danger of an area is only determined by the way that the knowledge obtained is used. For example, most zombie apocalypse fanboys may think that microbiology is an "evil" AOE, since most zombie apocalypses were caused by the outbreak of some virus. The American government might think that pyrotechnics is an "evil" AOE, because everybody knows that the American government is addicted on terrorist conspiracy theories, and pyrotechnics is basically the legal form of stereotypical terrorism. The nuclear energy programs have always been seen as "evil", due to a small part of its research being used to creat nuclear weapons. Any communist government may think that philosophy is an "evil" AOE, because through thinking, the facade of prosperity that the communist governments always tries to show may be destroyed, and people would revolt. Need I continue?

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  1. HAHA, you always crack me up with your angry rants. How you feeling on 1984? Gotta talk more to me about it! 10/10